Weekend Digest

We had so much fun this weekend! It was delightfully busy, but only with fun things. One of my very best friends was visiting from New York, so we tried to reacquaint her with the beauty of Utah, the sassiness of Bella and introduce her to some great new treats. Luckily (for the sake of this post), everything turned out to be quite colorful! I’m still thinking of that delicious treat from The Chocolate and Bella’s antics when finding a tree full of birds (insanity)! So. much. fun. What did you do this weekend?

Weekend Digest: Wedding Moments

My sister-in-law was married over the weekend and it was so spectacular. She and my mother-in-law planned quite the event! It was wonderful to share the day with family and friends. And yes, it absolutely made me want to have another wedding! Same spouse, another fun day. Why doesn’t that happen…? Probably because no one wants to finance a second event…hmm.
Anyway, back to Chelsea’s day! My favorite details of the wedding were the gorgeous flowers and the extraordinary cake. I have no idea how people can create such masterpieces, but they were simply amazing! My favorite moment of the day? Anything that involved our niece and nephews. They are unbelievably entertaining. Watching a two-year-old so adept with an iPhone never ceases to amaze me. I watched in awe as our niece opened Instagram and took a picture. What…? She also knows that double tapping the screen equals zooming in. Incredible. 
Well, enough about me! How was your weekend? Anything fun? Have a glorious Tuesday.

Life Lately

Have you seen the commercial about more pictures being taken with the iPhone than other device? It’s somehow extremely sentimental and touching! But really. It is. Well, I’ve always tried to take several pictures daily whether I post them or not and this commercial has only reinforced the habit. This has been our life this week! There have been scrapbooking, yummy treats, hiking (ugh) and even becoming addicted to a new show. Thanks to this addictive new show, I’ve become the biggest baby. My poor husband has to close the blinds before I enter a room at night and make sure A isn’t hiding in the back of my car. Haha. If you haven’t watched it, give it a try! Have a great week!