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Have you seen the commercial about more pictures being taken with the iPhone than other device? It’s somehow extremely sentimental and touching! But really. It is. Well, I’ve always tried to take several pictures daily whether I post them or not and this commercial has only reinforced the habit. This has been our life this week! There have been scrapbooking, yummy treats, hiking (ugh) and even becoming addicted to a new show. Thanks to this addictive new show, I’ve become the biggest baby. My poor husband has to close the blinds before I enter a room at night and make sure A isn’t hiding in the back of my car. Haha. If you haven’t watched it, give it a try! Have a great week!


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    RACH! No joke, whenever that commercial comes on at my house I immediately stop and rush to the TV. I love it SO much and the first time I watched it I got choked up, haha! I’m ridiculous I know but whatev. P.S. I need those macarons!!

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