Friday Finds: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

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I’m really excited about this amazing company and designer! I’ve known about Caitlin Wilson‘s amazing talents for several years now – prior to seeing her collections. You see, I was on the same study abroad as her fiance (now husband) several years ago and even though we had never met her, all of us were intrigued with the perfect person he always spoke so highly of. We knew she was an interior designer and we definitely knew she was ultra-stylish. Fast-forward a couple of years and this talented lady has produced some of the most popular, beautiful decorative pillows and fabrics. She describes her design aesthetic as “sophisticated and unique but…not limited to one style.” Her designs are colorful and pair quite easily with each other–making for one gorgeous space!

You can purchase her lovely designs on her website or Waiting on Martha!

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Friday Finds: Sugar Paper

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‘Dear’ Noteset
Letterpress ‘Be You’ Print

Sugar paper for goop

‘Will You Be My…’ Cards

I’ve always been the biggest fan of Sugar Paper, but when they announced the ‘Be You’ print on their blog, I was once again smitten. Sugar Paper is known for their simple, chic designs that are always stylish. Anyone who loves clean lines and beautiful typefaces can appreciate the beauty of their designs. The best part? The Letterpress process. Each piece is created on an antique press and is inspected by the design team. Impressive. Wouldn’t you absolutely love to get one of these in the mail?!

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Did I just purchase all of these? Absolutely I did. is my newest discovery of superbly designed items. My favorites have been from Amanda Catherine Designs, which are the perfect combination of inspirational and whimsical. She combines great phrases and quotes with bold, trendy colors! I can’t wait to put these up. They are the most perfect bedroom or closet decor. And as for the pencils…Does anyone want an old-fashioned pen pal?
I’ve literally loved everything so far. I’m just so in love with her style.