Weekend Moments

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Obviously, the highlight of our weekend was our major cross-city bike ride. It didn’t seem very far at first, but wow. Just wow. We were completely sore the rest of the weekend. We started out completely confident, but about eight miles in, we were ready for a break. Luckily, it came in the form of a massive, public swing attached to a rather large tree. The surrounding area beautiful and we were able to laugh and be completely  carefree for a few minutes. Two miles later, we were rewarded by free entry to the state park and the unbelievable sunset over the lake.
Sunday was relaxing as ever and just what we needed for our sore legs. As usual, Miss B took a two-hour snooze on the couch on her recently usurped Restoration Hardware blanket. Who is this dog? Not like we bought them for us or anything. The other Bella highlight was bath time. The usual struggle ensued. Running away. Hiding in dark rooms. I truly don’t understand why it seems like such torture for her. Anyone? Insights?
Finally, we were on Royal Baby Watch throughout the weekend. What is taking so long? Why no update? The world needs answers.

Isn’t that quote lovely? Such wise words. Have a splendid week!

Explore: London Day Trip

Hey all! I’ve been particularly nostalgic lately and have been missing London tremendously. One of our absolute favorite activities was the Harry Potter studio tour. It was sort of a day trip because we took our time. It’d probably only take half a day if you started early in the day. The popularity of the tour required that we book far in advance for a specific date and time, but it was absolutely worth it! The short train ride and 15 minute bus ride are easy to navigate, which is always helpful!
The tour itself is just what you would imagine: a fantastic visual delight for any Harry Potter aficionado. Everything was colorful, massive and utterly impressive. The highlight? Butterbeer. Obviously, right? It was absolutely delicious.
If you are in London, make the effort to book the tickets online and enjoy this fantastic day out!

Explore: Picnic in the Park

Map by Anastasiia Kucherenko
One of our absolute favorite activities in London was packing a picnic and riding to Hyde Park for the afternoon. We could easily spend an entire Saturday exploring the expansive park! We generally followed one of three itineraries, which were based on tube stop.
1. High Street Kensington: As you are exiting the tube station, be sure to stop at Ben’s Cookies for quite possibly the most delectable cookie in London. Our favorites? Triple chocolate chunk, milk chocolate chunk, lemon and  peanut butter. We generally buy the tin of 4 or 8 (oops) because we can never pick just one each! 
After exiting the station, turn right and walk along Kensington High Street for a bit and you’ll see the most beautiful Whole Foods in the whole world. It’s three levels of brightly colored, gorgeous eats that will make you want to sample everything! Like most Whole Foods locations, there is a perfect salad bar, a hot food bar, and thousands of other choices. We’d pack our faves (in our Whole Foods reusable bag of course) and walk across the street to the park. Kensington Palace is visible along the way. No biggie though, right?
2. Hyde Park Corner: Hyde Park Corner (bottom yellow arrow) seems like the obvious choice and in a lot of ways, it absolutely is. You may want to grab your food beforehand (if this is your tube stop of choice) because since it’s so close to the park, there’s not many options. A ten-minute walk down Piccadilly finds a Marks & Spencer, Pret a Manger and several other quick options. Hyde Park is extremely convenient for finding a Barclays bike. There is a large row of bikes just outside the station inside the park. It sort of facilitates finding the perfect picnic spot. 
3. Marble Arch: This station (top yellow arrow on map) has so many more options than the other two because of its location. There are fast food options, a larger grocery store (Marks & Spencer) and if you travel up Edgware Road, you can find great Lebanese food shops. The north side of the park is probably my favorite thanks to the Italian Gardens. Definitely have a visit! You won’t be disappointed.
Isn’t London the best? 

Weekend Moments

Blazer: Nordstrom || Skinny Skimmers: Gap || Bag: Topshop || Heels: Enzo Angiolini

This was my favorite moment of the weekend. Taking a stroll with this pup is the most difficult 30 minutes ever, but it’s worth it. She gets so excited about everything. It sort of makes you rethink how you look at everything–imagine getting that excited about birds and running water! It’s amazing how a simple walk can change the way you feel!