Splendid Sundance

Ready for a cliche? Sometimes I forget how beautiful Utah actually is. I definitely see the mountains every single day, but it’s usually rushing out the door to work or to make some appointment. One of our all-time favorite activities is exploring around Sundance with our active pup. This past weekend was no different. It was wonderful! It was partly cloudy and we only required sweatshirts. We meandered around and threw snowballs in the air for Bella to catch. I wish we could do this all day every day.

The Great Outdoors

In an effort to combat the effects of the holiday season (and monotony of the gym), we’ve been out exploring quite a bit. The little pet has been loving her life in the mountains and we’ve been able to exercise and breathe a bit of fresh air. The weather has been absolutely wonderful the past few days and we were more than thrilled to take advantage of it. Who would have thought that 40 degrees would be cause for celebration? We have never been a hiking couple, so we’ve had to outfit ourselves a bit for a new activity! As always, a quick trip to Nordstrom did the trip! Here are a few of the most comfortable and cutest things I found. We’re excited to continue our adventures!

A Night of Mystery

We truly had such a lovely time at a murder mystery party on Saturday night! We were so grateful for the chance to extend Halloween for one more evening. And I mean really, we got to wear fun costumes, eat great food and spend time with some of our favorites. We didn’t have a strict script, so we more or less improved our way through telling clues in our best accents. It was amazing. 
The game was played throughout dinner, which was so entertaining! Everyone did their best to not choke on their food while we giggled our way through the mystery. If you’ve never attended one of these, you should definitely take it upon yourself to put one together. It was truly hilarious! You can buy the party kit here or here.
P.S. Here are a few fun flapper inspired pieces:

Dog Days 2013

Over the weekend Bella and I went to Thanksgiving Point for their second annual Dog Days. It was one of the most entertaining and hilarious things I’ve seen in such a long time. So many overzealous pet parents trying to give their canine children an unparalleled, stimulating experience. I’m absolutely not judging since I was just as eager to get Bella to the front of the line for the doggie obstacle course; but it was so wonderfully hilarious to see one pet parent scolding another or viciously protecting their baby from getting pinned down. 
All in all, the gardens were beautiful and the temperature was perfect. And best of all? I got countless precious pictures of my pretty pup!