Top Picks: Nordstrom Clearance Event

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It’s Day 2 of the Nordstrom Clearance Sale and I’ve only managed to shop online thus far! This is somehow more dangerous though because I end up adding things to my shopping cart just to “see if I like it in person.” Spoiler alert: I always like it in person. I spent a large portion of my evening (the other part was spent decrypting an enrollment offer by a massive man at Gold’s Gym) carefully selecting my favorite items from the sale. My top pick? Those claret MK pumps. Aside from making me taller, they’re the perfect addition to any party dress.

I hope you love these faves of mine! I do my best to keep my picks under $200 (mostly to please Jack), but there’s an occasional “in my wildest dreams” selection too! Because really, who doesn’t need a “one cool cat” pillow? I most definitely do! Wouldn’t it make a marvelous Christmas gift? Happy shopping!

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