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Yay—it’s Wednesday! The other day we drove up the canyon with B and some good reading material. We envisioned a peaceful, relaxing hour or two of lounging and reading. Well…anyone who knows Bella has to know that that absolutely didn’t happen. Instead of an hour of delightful reading, I spent 20 minutes trying to get Bella to stop wandering away and from jumping into the river when I decided we were done. If she was tied up, she sighed deeply prior to a seemingly endless series of whines and howls. You would have thought she was being abandoned. Two feet away from us. Alas.

One positive moment? When we realized we could take advantage of the pretty lighting to photograph my favorite sweatshirt. I know I’ve talked about it before, but goodness. It’s amazing. I can’t thank Little Bow and Arrow enough. You should absolutely check out their shop. It’ll make you so happy!

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