4th of July Fashion Inspiration

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We’re exactly one week away from my favorite holiday! I absolutely love the 4th of July and I wait patiently all year long for a fun-filled day with friends and family. I think I love it mostly because of all the memories it recalls, but there’s something wonderful about being so unabashedly patriotic. You can’t help but feeling so grateful all day long and it’s a wonderful reminder of the sacrifices that so many men and women make every day. Basically, it’s the best day ever. Aside from the food and fun, I love planning my outfits for the various activities throughout the day. I usually have a parade outfit, change for a family barbecue, then I have my final outfit for the Stadium of Fire. Food, fun and fashion? That’s a recipe for success if I’ve ever heard one. Here are some of my newest inspirational pieces—I hope you enjoy!



Inspired: Eddie Redmayne & Yves Klein

BlueOutfit3 BlueOutfit2 BlueOutfit BlueOutfit1 Blue6 BlueOutfit5 Dress | Kimono (old—similar here) | Sandals

So we’re all aware of my admiration for the work and style of Eddie Redmayne, but I was recently reminded of why I enjoy reading his interviews as well. Instead of being filled with poorly veiled self-promotion, Eddie’s interviews often detail his sources of inspiration and recent learnings. I recently read this enlightening interview, which was insightful and highlighted Eddie’s well-known eloquence. Near the end, he discusses his Cambridge dissertation, which must have been an overwhelming undertaking (obviously). He mentions the subject of his dissertation, artist Yves Klein, and his creation of International Klein Blue. If you’re familiar with this deep blue hue, you know it’s effect on all those who view it. It’s intensely captivating. While it’s difficult to find products that boast the true hue, I was so pleased to find this dress that is an acceptable mimic! The color is oddly versatile and this is probably the 5th (starkly) different look I’ve styled using it as a base.





Rain, Rain Go Away

Necklace | Top | Rings | Belt | Skinny Jeans | Sandals
Has anyone else felt completely tricked by the weather lately? Sigh. I should be used to it, right? Springtime in Utah is just plain fickle. Although I love layering (and I love sweaters), it’s about time to put away the coats and closed-toe shoes. I was browsing online last night and came across these stellar sandals from Vince Camuto. Judging from the designer, they’re bound to be comfy and last quite a few seasons. I was surprised by how well they coordinated with the belt I had in my Gap shopping cart! Love. And those rings? The perfect addition to a freshly manicured hand. Here’s hoping spring is here to stay!

Road Trippin’

Coat | Leggings | Boots

I’ve never really been one to believe in “comfy travel clothes.” I don’t feel comfortable getting on a plane in pajamas or anything in that general vicinity. My compromise? Leggings. I’m sure we’ve all benefited from the current trend and I’m absolutely no exception. On a recent trip to Vegas, I tried to be as comfy as possible without sacrificing on the fashion front. Slouchy sweater + leggings + warm Burberry = magic travel clothes. I think I’ve found my newest uniform!

P.S. I bought these boots several months ago and now they’re half off! Only $50. They come in brown too…