A Very Special Birthday

‘Love’ Bracelet || Spiked bracelet || Chevron cuff (gold version here and here)

We recently celebrated the birthday of one of our best friends! We met up with friends at a restaurant downtown – Old Towne Grille – for some catching up and a delicious meal. Only the birthday boy had been there before, but we trusted him! Once our drinks came, we were hooked. It was the most outstanding lemonade! Perfect for the hot summer day. The popular use of the Mason jar fit in quite nicely with the ambiance.
We chatted for about two hours until we were caught up on each other’s lives. After several hugs and laughs, it was time to leave (never my favorite party). We promised to do it again very soon of course! I absolutely loved every minute of seeing these wonderful people.

P.S. Aren’t those bracelets perfect with each other? My friend always has the best jewelry. The adorable ‘Love’ bracelet is my favorite and perfectly priced, but I do have the spiked bracelet and it truly does go with almost anything.You can check out her talented, artistic side here.

Have the most marvelous weekend.

Weekend Moments: Anniversary Edition

Happy Monday! Hope it was a wonderful weekend. The third week in June is extremely busy for us: we have birthdays and our anniversary, so it’s essentially super fun! We started out with family birthday festivities, friend celebrations and another family feast. It was fantastic! Our little nephews were participating in the mutton busting portion of a local rodeo, so we went and watched them channel their inner cowboy. Have you ever seen such an event? It’s adorable, hilarious and terrifying all at the same time. You’d think that riding on a small sheep would be essentially pretty safe, right? Well, one little boy left on a stretcher! We were super nervous after that, but our nephews did well and we got some great pictures. The best part of the rodeo? The strawberries & cream. The rodeo is part of a summer event called Strawberry Days, so there are some great treats to be had. Love.
Our anniversary (first one!) was the perfect day. Husband started the day by presenting a massive box and flowers. He wrote a sweet card as an introduction to the most wonderful gift: this Pippa bag! This was what my first bag (Christmas 2011) was supposed to be, but somehow I ended up sending him the wrong picture on my wishlist and I got a different color. Oh well…worked out well in the end for me!
We then left for Park City for a fun evening! We had dinner at Ruth’s Chris, were grateful for a complimentary anniversary cheesecake (it even had a candle) then went back to the Waldorf for swimming. We sort of had two desserts because we had to eat our traditional anniversary cake. We had to, right? All in all, it was a splendid weekend! I’m so grateful for this great guy.