How We Do: Vegas

things-to-do-in-vegas, golf-ranges-in-vegas things-to-do-in-vegas, golf-ranges-in-vegas


things-to-do-in-vegas, golf-ranges-in-vegas

things-to-do-in-vegas, golf-ranges-in-vegas  Our Vegas routine is pretty set—and by that I mean, we do the same things every time. That sounds like it’d get boring, but it really doesn’t! We head to Vegas primarily for Grimaldi’s because who wouldn’t take advantage? We generally leave mid-day Friday and arrive just in time for dinner. It’s always magical. We also sometimes starve ourselves for a few hours beforehand. You really can’t be filling up on gas station snacks with a large pepperoni and mushroom waitin’.

After dinner, we check-in then head out to one of the malls to browse. Ideally, we can ditch the husbands because they’re usually saying unhelpful things like, “Is that a need or want?” “If you really love it, then get it…” After a few hours of exercising our bank accounts, we grab a quick treat and settle in for the night. Fun fact? I bought the most amazing fox socks at Topshop. You need them. Saturday is reserved for Shake Shack, the pool and even more shopping! We end the day with a fun dinner and late-night swim.

Sunday is always the saddest day. We like to get home in time to wind down before the work week, so we leave around 1. After sleeping in, that really only leaves time for another trip to Grimaldi’s. Because we truly love it that much.

What are your Vegas or road trip traditions? I’d love to hear!


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