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I’m going to be completely honest: I definitely had a completely blank brain while planning this post. Like a forehead-on-desk, snipping-split-ends sort of moment. This was completely acceptable to me considering that it was Wednesday and I was sleepy. I found myself looking through the photos on my phone and was reminiscing about recent trips, so I thought I’d share. Why not, right? :) I’m slightly in love with my new bags as evidenced by the appearances on Instagram. I seriously can’t recommend these bags enough. They’re lightweight and the perfect shape for a wallet, phone and a few beauty pieces. I’m so happy they joined my purse family.

In an effort to not become boring, Husband and I have been doing all sorts of activities. The spring-like weather has helped immensely! Tennis in February? Yes, please. Walks around City Creek and Temple Square? Absolutely.

I hope you have a marvelous Thursday! Also, it’s my dad’s birthday…Happy Birthday, dad!

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