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I needed one final London post that fully captured my love for this dynamic city. It’s hard to pinpoint why I love it so much, because the answer would be so extensive. Every bit of London maintains a distinctive charm and boasts dozens of sights—how could I ever isolate my favorites? Well, guess what? While editing these photos, I was able to focus on one: the ever-persistent gray tinge to all my photos. I don’t mind one bit that these photos capture the exact look of the day.

I gained a master’s degree, fiancé and a new best friend in this city. It holds nothing but good memories. Want proof? My husband proposed only a few yards away from this spot on a freezing December night after I finished one of the most frightening academic experiences ever. It was easily our best London moment and the very reason we return to this spot on every trip. I realize I’m not the first person to have a favorite spot on the banks of that famous river, but I think I have a pretty good argument that this view is one of the best. Don’t you think?

Happy Weekend.

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