A Beautiful Fall Weekend


park city mountain resort, fall leaves

park-city-marriott parkcity-fall-leaves2 ParkCity

There’s something so refreshing and uplifting about a well-spent weekend. The majority of the time, we assume that laying around in pajamas is exactly what we deserve after a busy week. For some reason, these weekend always end in sadness and a bit disgruntled. Now, I truly appreciate a weekend spent doing absolutely nothing, but for us, we feel much better on Sunday evenings when we accomplished something the day before. Strange, no?

This weekend we had a wonderful date night on Friday (dinner and shopping in Salt Lake) and a gorgeous afternoon and evening in Park City. We rode the lift at Park City Mountain Resort and finished off the evening with dinner. The lift ride was incredible! It was mostly yellow, but so impressive. We were also pretty sure that we saw a moose. Yes, it could have been a cow or horse it was so far away; but I concluded that it was a moose for the sake of a cool memory. Moose sighting > cow sighting.

I hope you also had a relaxing weekend and that you have a great, productive and fun week!

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