Weekend Moments

Hi friends! This weekend wasn’t particularly eventful (unless you count the spectacle that was the VMAs…), but we still managed to have a few laughs and enjoy one another! My favorite moment was probably browsing the new J. Crew catalog (see Friday’s post) and laughing at our spoiled dog child! She has recently taken a liking to one of our Restoration Hardware blankets, but how do you say no to that face? We spent some time in the library – okay, a lot of time – reading and prepping for the new school year. It’s so hard to do when you still have a bucket list of summertime activities to get through.

I also spent some time going through some old picture! Hahahaha. Those are always fun, right? My favorites included a stellar jumping pic in Greenwich, a family favorite in Rome, an eventful time at the M & M Factory in Vegas, and of course, a high school gem. I would have posted more, but they just got more embarrassing the more I found! Anyway, hope your weekends were exciting! Have a great week!

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