Destinations: Prague – Day 2

 Our walk to the castle was visually inspiring! Every building, home and alley contributed to the overall beauty of the city.
The castle could have been an all-day excursion–there were so many different areas to visit. The tickets were particularly useful because they included a checklist of the various museums, rooms and buildings. By the time we arrived we only had a few hours, so we quickly visited each attraction on the list. One of the best things about the castle was the ample availability of informational plaques and signs. Generally, if you don’t buy the audio tour it seems you’re missing an enormous amount of information, but that wasn’t the case. We were able to learn a great deal!
After we had every square of our ticket punched, we walked along the side of the castle in order to photograph the incredible view of the city. It was the warmest part of the day and the burnt orange rooftops were a sight to behold!

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