Cool, Collected & Casual

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Hey all! I hope you’re having a great week so far! So, I found these shoes from J. Crew’s new collection and I love them SO much! Isn’t that design incredible? I tried to build this look around them. The outfit is a bit eclectic, but I love how the pieces fell together. Oh and by the way, drawstring pants? Yes, please. Always.
Topped off with some gorgeous and inexpensive jewelry, you have a casual (but put together) go-to look. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great Wednesday!

Comfy and Casual

Top: The Cools || Pants: J. Crew || Bag: Modalu || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban ||Wedges: Steve Madden || Lipstick: MAC ‘Diva’

Guys, it’s almost Friday! Isn’t that grand? As you might be able to tell, I’ve been completely obsessed with The Cools lately. Now that it’s open to the public, what’s not to love? I love the relaxed fit of the top–it’d be perfect for errand running over the weekend. These Minnie Stretch pants are also extremely comfy and they are on sale! Lastly, that bag! Modalu is obviously one of my favorite bag designers, but crossovers are new to their collection. Isn’t this one great? I wish it was my birthday! Not sure how I’m going to convince the husband that it’s necessary…Thanks for reading!

Styled: The Cools

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Have you heard that The Cools is now open to the public? Exciting, right? If you haven’t heard of The Cools, here’s a short introduction: The Cools is a curated e-commerce site that helps independent fashion and lifestyle brands gain exposure. Previously, the site was a members-only marketplace, but now all you need to do is sign up! The shift reflects their overall objective: to provide talented, “cool” brands a platform by which to promote sales directly to consumers. There are hundreds of interesting and gorgeous items on the site–check it out! You’ll love it.
P.S. I’m dying over that laser-cut jacket! Isn’t it amazing?! It would be a dream come true.