Spring Picks

Eye Shadow | Top | Watch | Bag | Skirt | Wedges
I’m not sure if it’s entirely normal or not, but I tend to begin browsing and buying spring items as soon as they’re available. This usually begins in February with floral printed dresses and breezy blouses – items that transition easily. Living in Utah often brings severe weather surprises, including snow in the morning and bright sunshine the next. I like to have versatile pieces readily available that are winter appropriate, yet forward looking. Navy and neutrals are classic options and work well as transitional colors between winter and spring. I’m loving these pieces individually (and collectively of course) because of their versatility. You can easily add a sweater or blazer over the top, swap out the wedges for boots or add a boldly colored hat for chilly days. So, while we’re all wishing and hoping spring would arrive quickly, this palette will make the wait a bit more bearable. Hopefully…right?

Feeling Festive

Heels || Sweater (similar) || Tights || Lips || Earrings 

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever taken pictures of Bella that I love more than these. Her obvious disdain for having her head covered and being restricted is amazingly entertaining. Aren’t the holidays grand? Through the frustrations of the shoots, it’s great to look back and have these pictures! Her fussing and whining are absolutely worth it. Plus, she generally gets rewarded with white chocolate dipped bones. It’s a win-win, right? We hope your holiday preparations are going well – have a marvelous Wednesday!

Comfy and Casual

Top: The Cools || Pants: J. Crew || Bag: Modalu || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban ||Wedges: Steve Madden || Lipstick: MAC ‘Diva’

Guys, it’s almost Friday! Isn’t that grand? As you might be able to tell, I’ve been completely obsessed with The Cools lately. Now that it’s open to the public, what’s not to love? I love the relaxed fit of the top–it’d be perfect for errand running over the weekend. These Minnie Stretch pants are also extremely comfy and they are on sale! Lastly, that bag! Modalu is obviously one of my favorite bag designers, but crossovers are new to their collection. Isn’t this one great? I wish it was my birthday! Not sure how I’m going to convince the husband that it’s necessary…Thanks for reading!

Products: MAC Must-Haves

Coat: Banana Republic || Bag: Longchamp
Powder blush: Raizin || Matte lipstick: Diva || Studio Fix Powder || Medium Angled Shading Brush

MAC has always been my go-to for colorful and quality products. As fun as it is to dress up or try new makeup, my daily routine usually involves these four key products. My powder case is always with me and handles touch-ups marvelously. Strangely, the shade I use is only available in the UK! It gives us a great excuse to hop across the pond though.
I recently discovered Diva and it’s deep burgundy shade is great for evenings out. It has a matte finish, which I love! I use it with the Mahogany lip liner, which has proven its versatility with any lipstick or gloss.
I’ve never been one to have numerous brushes, but the shading brush is perfect for daily application. If you only buy one, get this one. It handles the application and is pretty useful for blending as well.
Finally…their recycling program? It makes me the happiest.