On My Mind

Has anyone else been suffering from winter blues? I’m not necessarily fed up with winter, but the charm and magic is definitely starting to wane. I’ve made gingerbread houses, I’ve been ice skating, had an adorable snowball fight with my husband and have consumed enough hot chocolate to rival Buddy (yes, the elf). Although there are still several ski days, adorably layered outfits and snowshoeing to do, I’m always open to some pre-spring online browsing. These are my favorites from this week thanks to their soft, cheerful colors. Anyone else care to take a warm weather trip? I’m totally there.

Friday Finds

I’m so happy it’s Friday! This week went by so quickly, which is always something to be grateful for. It’s my lovely friend’s birthday today and we are celebrating all weekend long. I’m really excited!

I hope you enjoy the picks for this week’s Friday Finds! There are a few obvious wish list type items (um, hello $800 bag), but it’s always nice to look at pretty things, right? Also, the “Most Adorable” award definitely goes to that fox pattern scarf. I’ve been obsessed with foxes for quite some time now (yes, before we wondered what they say) and I’m loving all the new items that have been surfacing!

Have a beyond marvelous weekend and happy shopping (and Halloween celebrating!)

Weekend Moments: Instagram Version

The beautiful assortment of Sixlets at The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.
The best sort of package that arrived Saturday morning! Love Franco Sarto!

This amazing, cute guy scaled the face of a mountain because he can.

Miss B had a horrible Saturday afternoon.

Loved Sunday dinner! It was so summery and delicious.
Hope your weekend was fabulous–bring on this week, right? Challenge: do something adventurous!