Sports and Sunshine






Hi! It’s been quite some time—I know! I’ve been such a blogging failure. We recently returned from an extremely fun trip to California, so there were lots of opportunities for photos! Hopefully, you don’t mind getting snapshots of our favorite moments over the next few days. We left after work and went as far as Vegas (our normal pitstop). Although we’ve driven all the way to California in one day, we definitely prefer stopping for a bit of pool time and of course, Grimaldi’s! It makes the arrival in California substantially more exciting when you’re not fighting to stay awake or recovering from stiff legs and tired eyes.

As usual, when our delicious pepperoni and mushroom pizza arrived, the conversation ceased immediately and we got down to business. We definitely didn’t even realize that we stop speaking for about five solid minutes as we get through our first pieces! We sure to love Grimaldi’s! We wanted to get a good night’s sleep in order to leave early the next morning, so we were kind of Vegas losers. We fell asleep around 10. I’m pretty sure that makes us official adults.

We stopped in Baker at The Mad Greek, which is such a fun sight in the middle of the desert. I was completely taken with the colors of the building. So simple and clean (love). It was a marvelous photo subject. The next hour or so of driving was filled with impersonations, karaoke and travel anecdotes. If you want a good laugh, find my husband and request an impersonation of anyone. The man is hilarious.

Our arrival in Orange County couldn’t have come sooner for little B. We drove directly to the nearest dog beach and just let her run! She was such a champ in the car and she deserved the hour of splashing and digging (don’t worry – we refilled the holes as we were leaving!). We were pretty worried about how she’d handle the ocean and sand—her first encounter at 2 months old was filled with whining and diving into my purse. We were so proud! She definitely loved it. Her happy disposition was just a preview of all the fun that was to come! We can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!

If you want to see what we did, check it out on Instagram: @rachealjade.



The Great Outdoors

In an effort to combat the effects of the holiday season (and monotony of the gym), we’ve been out exploring quite a bit. The little pet has been loving her life in the mountains and we’ve been able to exercise and breathe a bit of fresh air. The weather has been absolutely wonderful the past few days and we were more than thrilled to take advantage of it. Who would have thought that 40 degrees would be cause for celebration? We have never been a hiking couple, so we’ve had to outfit ourselves a bit for a new activity! As always, a quick trip to Nordstrom did the trip! Here are a few of the most comfortable and cutest things I found. We’re excited to continue our adventures!

Weekend Moments: The Holiday Weekend

The long holiday weekend was exactly what we needed! We were able to relax and spend a lot of time together. The heat kept us mostly indoors, but we were able to enjoy fireworks that evening. And by enjoy I mean we attempted to keep our pup from having a heart attack. The poor thing was having the most difficult night. She loved watching the fireworks, but the sounds were just too much!
We were extremely spontaneous on Friday and decided to take a mini road trip to Jackson and Yellowstone. We had been trying to think of nearby places that wouldn’t be over 100 degrees and Wyoming seemed perfect. We were able to get some fresh air, see some wildlife up close and check out Jackson. It was so relaxing and lovely. I highly recommend it as a weekend getaway. Have an awesome week!

Explore: London Day Trip

Hey all! I’ve been particularly nostalgic lately and have been missing London tremendously. One of our absolute favorite activities was the Harry Potter studio tour. It was sort of a day trip because we took our time. It’d probably only take half a day if you started early in the day. The popularity of the tour required that we book far in advance for a specific date and time, but it was absolutely worth it! The short train ride and 15 minute bus ride are easy to navigate, which is always helpful!
The tour itself is just what you would imagine: a fantastic visual delight for any Harry Potter aficionado. Everything was colorful, massive and utterly impressive. The highlight? Butterbeer. Obviously, right? It was absolutely delicious.
If you are in London, make the effort to book the tickets online and enjoy this fantastic day out!