A Summer Dinner Party

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One of my favorite things about the summer is just how easy it is to have a dinner party. Friends and family are more willing to stop by and hang out in the warm weather. As the hostess, it sometimes seems daunting to create a fun, open atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable and just be themselves. I’ve found that the easiest way to have a successful party is to have awesome equipment and to use a few pretty pieces that capture the theme you’re going for. These pieces are gorgeous and are pretty inexpensive, but you’d never know it! If you’re looking for durable party pieces, give these beauties a try! Happy hosting!

Bold, Bright and Bangled

Dress: ASTR (on sale!) || Jacket: BCBG (similar) || Watch: Michael Kors (similar) || Earrings: Givenchy || Lips: MAC Taupe

Don’t you just love a good shopping day? I couldn’t ask for a better experience than Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It’s so laid back and simply gorgeous! And the store selection? Unparalleled. It’s always been a favorite.
I’ve always been a fun of a great summer dress and this muted neon shift dress is so perfect! The jacket could be changed out with any studded piece or another strong piece. Add some gold bangles to complete the look. Happy shopping!

Bright & Powerful

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Don’t you just love these colors? We seem to have had a very short spring this year (as usual), but I’m all for wearing spring colors as long as possible. I obviously love everything, but the jewelry is definitely my favorite part. Aren’t the bracelets delightful? I picked my top three faves, but there are a few other color options available. Welcome spring (and summer)!

Favorites: C. Wonder

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Ah, C. Wonder. I’m absolutely loving all these bright items! If you’re looking for the perfect mixture between J. Crew and Kate Spade, this is the perfect brand. The quality is outstanding and everything is completely affordable! If you get a chance to visit one of their store locations, do it! They are beautiful and it’s like a finely decorated party. We recently bought new dinnerware and of course a new leash for the pooch. The colors are gorgeous!
What I want most? The pink luggage! I think a trip would be in order to celebrate the new purchase, right?