Party Planning: The Oh Joy Collection for Target

You don’t even want to read this, do you? You just want to stare at these photos longer. Well, you’re not alone. I can’t stop enjoying! I was finally able to visit Target and pick up (almost) one of everything from this spectacular collection. Jack’s birthday is up next and I can’t imagine he’d be okay with this color scheme, so perhaps I’ll just have to have a random celebration! This all-inclusive collection is ideal for outdoor celebrations or indoor spring festivities. There are garlands, goblets, party hats, noise makers and much more! Be sure to take a look at the entire Oh Joy for Target collection—you won’t be disappointed! Happy party planning everyone.
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Styled: For the Hostess

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Don’t you just love summer parties and BBQs? As the hostess, I always find that I run out of time (or finish prepping just in time) and have to rush to get ready. Dresses and outfits that are simple, yet event-appropriate are my go-to! These four dresses are comfy, laid-back and ideal for an outdoor event! Paired with espadrilles or strappy sandals, they’re basically all you need! Bold statement jewelry would be the perfect finishing touch. The bigger (and brighter), the better in my opinion!

A Summer Dinner Party

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One of my favorite things about the summer is just how easy it is to have a dinner party. Friends and family are more willing to stop by and hang out in the warm weather. As the hostess, it sometimes seems daunting to create a fun, open atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable and just be themselves. I’ve found that the easiest way to have a successful party is to have awesome equipment and to use a few pretty pieces that capture the theme you’re going for. These pieces are gorgeous and are pretty inexpensive, but you’d never know it! If you’re looking for durable party pieces, give these beauties a try! Happy hosting!