Boldly Printed

Dress (similar fit) || Miss Sixty (old) – similar style here || Bag
Halfway through the week already? Yay! I’m sure everyone has something in an Aztec print by now, yes? This dress has been my absolute favorite print so far this season. I absolutely love the colors for fall and it can be paired with oh-so-many things. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it matched my Oxblood Croc Pippa — definitely a welcome surprise! It’s always so wonderful when you find another way to accessorize an outfit. How do you usually style your Aztec print pieces?

Life Lately

Happy middle of the week! I’m loving that we are smack in the middle of autumn now. Although I’ve been suffering through 65 degree weather (bring on the snow!), it’s been wonderfully pleasant. Those leaves are stunning, no? B and I have been on countless jogs up the canyon to enjoy the bright colors. Well, Bella just loves being outside no matter what it looks like, so the jogs were more or less so I can prepare for the impending candy fest next week. 
We attended Dog Days at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday! Stay tuned for the detailed story tomorrow!
P.S. I was proud that I changed my Instagram profile picture. Over a year later. Woo!

Over the Weekend

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was so much fun thanks to the crisp and rainy weather. We welcomed fall in the best way possible: with friends and freaky haunted events. We joined some of our favorite friends at a haunted house, which was exciting and stressful all at the same time. We finished the night with some yummy calorie-filled treats. How do you top that?? We had a couple outdoor exercise adventures, which is always lovely. How was your weekend? Splendid I hope!
Oh, and that bottom picture? That’s B inside the car wash. Did it rain 4 hours later? Of course it did.