Life Lately: Instagram

I love scrolling through my Instagram photos to see what I deemed special enough to share with the world. It’s fun to have a daily record of favorite daily moments–don’t you think? I love to play amateur photographer and force Husband and puppy to be subjects every moment of the day! Even better? Seeing the pictures of family, friends and strangers I admire! Some people are so extremely talented on Instagram. I am constantly amazed by the things people do with all the various apps!
Here’s a small sample of life lately and what was the most important these past few weeks.

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Insta Love – Favorite Photo Fun

StickyGram has easily been one of our favorite apps/sites lately. Our fridge is covered in our most memorable moments thanks to these 50mm x 50 mm (that’s a little less than 2″ x 2″ for the lovely    Americans) magnets. Each sheet has nine magnets and they all come out perfectly! I’ve ordered three sheets so far and haven’t had a single issue. I love displaying our pictures and this is just another way to remember the year’s greatest events! Each sheet is $14.99, but keep a lookout for deals–I found a great promo code on a few weeks ago!

As truly inconvenient as this looks, I really hope this product ends up getting made. It’s so unbelievably beautiful! Can you imagine owning this?! Love. If you’re going to have any instant film camera, this should definitely be in the running. The photo paper apparently will have a self-adhesive strip, so it can be posted anywhere you’d like. Details on!

Another instant camera option is this Instax! I LOVE the print size. The best thing I’ve done with these so far is just adding a bit of washi tape across the top as a simple decoration. Another option? Adhering a small magnet to the back of these decorative clothespins. They can then be easily added to the fridge or a magnetic board. Pretty!