Over the Weekend

Happy Monday, friends! We did something pretty fun for dinner yesterday and I thought I’d share! So, when we were living in London, we were a bit obsessed with a few things: walking along South Bank, the West End, jogging through Putney Heath and of course, Nando’s. It was our go-to weekday dinner date because it was so easy and laid back and well, delicious. Yesterday evening we decided to re-create our favorite menu item: chicken breast pittas!
It was extremely easy and we also made a bit of creamy mash on the side. All you need for each pitta is a pita pocket, grilled chicken breast, a slice of your favorite cheese (we used provolone), a bit of lettuce and whatever veggies you’d like to add! YUM. Thanks to my lovely sis-in-law we even had the delicious PERi-PERi sauce from Nando’s! It was the perfect addition. Not a big fan of spicy? I always use extra virgin olive oil and our favorite Italian balsamic vinegar. It’s my favorite!
I hope you get to try this awesome dinner! Have a great week! P.S. You can order PERi-PERi sauce online from Nando’s or get great recipe ideas too!

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