Life Lately: Over the Weekend

The weekend seems to have gone by so quickly, doesn’t it? It honestly seems like we were just barely celebrating 5:00 p.m. on Friday! We’ve been having uncharacteristically eventful weekends lately, which we aren’t complaining about. On Friday, we met up with some of our favorite small humans for one last seasonal celebration. We slid down slides, we raced through a corn maze and most importantly, we devoured kettle corn! Yum.
Saturday was filled with errands and exercising, but that evening we donned our final costumes of the year in order to be Molly A. Abswterr and Billy “The Kid” Thrower. Yup, we were invited to a murder mystery party thrown by one of my best friends. We had dinner while attempting to solve the crime! Everyone looked wonderful and the dinner was fantastic: making it an all-around wonderful night. Plus, I was able to break out my favorite coat (here’s a similar fave)! It’s so very soft. So. Much. Fun.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?!

Life Lately

Happy middle of the week! I’m loving that we are smack in the middle of autumn now. Although I’ve been suffering through 65 degree weather (bring on the snow!), it’s been wonderfully pleasant. Those leaves are stunning, no? B and I have been on countless jogs up the canyon to enjoy the bright colors. Well, Bella just loves being outside no matter what it looks like, so the jogs were more or less so I can prepare for the impending candy fest next week. 
We attended Dog Days at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday! Stay tuned for the detailed story tomorrow!
P.S. I was proud that I changed my Instagram profile picture. Over a year later. Woo!

Over the Weekend

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was so much fun thanks to the crisp and rainy weather. We welcomed fall in the best way possible: with friends and freaky haunted events. We joined some of our favorite friends at a haunted house, which was exciting and stressful all at the same time. We finished the night with some yummy calorie-filled treats. How do you top that?? We had a couple outdoor exercise adventures, which is always lovely. How was your weekend? Splendid I hope!
Oh, and that bottom picture? That’s B inside the car wash. Did it rain 4 hours later? Of course it did.

Life Lately

White picture frame || Neon cardigan || Fan fringe necklace (and here) || Gingham shirt || Silver frame || Pearls

     Hi all! Sorry for the seemingly extensive blogging hiatus! I’ve been quite devoted to some academic pursuits, but I’m now back! It’s been great to start thinking of new topics to post about. As you can probably tell, it’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks! Instead of planning semi-fashionable outfits, I’ve resigned myself to sweats and old t-shirts (previously owned by men much larger than myself), which has been liberating and has brought out my inner slug. Getting dressed to be presentable at work has been such a challenge: I cannot count the times that I’ve asked Jack if these slim fit fleece pants could pass for these meant-to-be-worn-in-public Wayf’s. Time and time again he burst my delusional bubble with his honest hesitation. Woe is me.
     As I force myself to start dressing like a grown up again, let’s hope you’re content with looking at pretty iPhone pictures! The highlights of the week included buying a print for our dog’s room (yup), wearing a lot of neon, seeing Audra live, creating/finishing a Rome scrapbook layout, finally getting to peruse the September issue à la Anna, and redecorating our office! All delightfully fun activities!
On a random note, it’s felt a lot like fall lately, which is amazing. Bring on the cooler weather!

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