Sports and Sunshine






Hi! It’s been quite some time—I know! I’ve been such a blogging failure. We recently returned from an extremely fun trip to California, so there were lots of opportunities for photos! Hopefully, you don’t mind getting snapshots of our favorite moments over the next few days. We left after work and went as far as Vegas (our normal pitstop). Although we’ve driven all the way to California in one day, we definitely prefer stopping for a bit of pool time and of course, Grimaldi’s! It makes the arrival in California substantially more exciting when you’re not fighting to stay awake or recovering from stiff legs and tired eyes.

As usual, when our delicious pepperoni and mushroom pizza arrived, the conversation ceased immediately and we got down to business. We definitely didn’t even realize that we stop speaking for about five solid minutes as we get through our first pieces! We sure to love Grimaldi’s! We wanted to get a good night’s sleep in order to leave early the next morning, so we were kind of Vegas losers. We fell asleep around 10. I’m pretty sure that makes us official adults.

We stopped in Baker at The Mad Greek, which is such a fun sight in the middle of the desert. I was completely taken with the colors of the building. So simple and clean (love). It was a marvelous photo subject. The next hour or so of driving was filled with impersonations, karaoke and travel anecdotes. If you want a good laugh, find my husband and request an impersonation of anyone. The man is hilarious.

Our arrival in Orange County couldn’t have come sooner for little B. We drove directly to the nearest dog beach and just let her run! She was such a champ in the car and she deserved the hour of splashing and digging (don’t worry – we refilled the holes as we were leaving!). We were pretty worried about how she’d handle the ocean and sand—her first encounter at 2 months old was filled with whining and diving into my purse. We were so proud! She definitely loved it. Her happy disposition was just a preview of all the fun that was to come! We can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!

If you want to see what we did, check it out on Instagram: @rachealjade.



Disney Day: Part 2

I had to extend our Disney visit over two posts because there was just too many cute pictures to share. This day was absolutely amazing, but so exhausting! I nearly cried leaving the park because it hurt so much to walk! Does that mean I’m too old for Disneyland?! While we definitely had our tired moments, it was nothing that couldn’t be cured with a massive turkey leg or Dole Whip. We consider ourselves to be Disney veterans, yet we were consistently amazed by all the new things we discovered. Exploring the little details of the park was inadvertent and simultaneously wonderful. Discussing the detailed facades, the identities of the decor designers and the grams of sugar in a churro helped pass the minutes of waiting in the winding lines.
At the end of the day – in spite of aching feet and tired limbs – the beautiful fireworks and subsequent faux snow made for some pretty magical memories. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous family vacation!

Disney Day: Part 1

Jacket || Dress || Shoes || Gold ring
Ahh, Disneyland. The most fun (and happiest place) on earth! We were so grateful to join my husband’s family for a fun-filled California vacation, which included time at the two glorious parks. There were churros, popcorn, more churros and very warm temperatures. We enjoyed running and practically leaping (yep, we are that family) from ride to ride picking up the occassional FastPasses along the way. I’ve never been to the parks with kids, so it was an entirely new experiences seeing little faces light up at everything! It made everything that much more fun. 
Can we discuss the Disney decor? We timed our visit perfectly – it was my favorite time! The flower beds replaced with poinsettias and the two-story tree at the entrance to Main Street are my favorite features. I love seeing everything decked out in Christmas finery. It makes it a bit more magical (if that’s even possible)!

A Weekend Away…


This weekend was so much fun! I bought tickets to the Angels-Yankees game about five weeks ago and was excited to give them to my husband for his birthday next week. I was absolutely positive that the tickets were for June 21, but apparently they were for June 14! After some frantic shuffling, we got on a flight the same day I realized my ridiculous mistake. 
The weekend turned out wonderfully! We spent time at the beach, Fashion Island and went to L.A. for a day. The game itself was really fun! Husband bought me ice cream for making it the entire time. Bonus! 
I wish we could be on vacation indefinitely. I guess it wouldn’t be a vacation then thought, right? Sigh.