The Beautiful Balboa









I’ve been loving editing all our vacation pictures—it’s so easy to forget about captured moments and I’ve been able to re-live everything! As always, I am simultaneously happy and sad. Why can’t vacations last for months at a time?

Our day afternoon shopping and wandering around Balboa was spectacular. There’s nothing better than holding hands and exploring new places. This was perfect for us! Jack was able to enjoy the sunshine while I snapped away happily. We even had a wildlife sighting! Two portly sea lions had commandeered a sailboat and were sunbathing peacefully on top.Not sure how the owner of the boat would have felt about that, but it was extremely entertaining for all the spectators! After riding the ferry to the peninsula, we stopped for corn dogs and lemonade at Jane’s Corn Dogs . If you love sugar, try the lemonade. Trust me. In an effort to pay homage to The O.C., we rode the ferris wheel and ate Balboa Bars (you could say we used to be obsessed with the show…Seth + Summer 4EVER). The views were so wonderful and offered the perfect photo ops. We ended the afternoon by riding the ferry back and taking a few more photos of the gorgeous houses. Overall, it was an outstanding day. An afternoon (or day) on Balboa is highly recommended!





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