Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

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Hi friends! We’re one day closer to my third favorite holiday! Sure that doesn’t sound impressive, but nothing can compare to Christmas and the 4th of July is warm, spirited and fun-filled. So by default, the day dedicated to boxed chocolates and sappy messages comes in a close third. Why does it beat Halloween? Well…you don’t receive beautifully wrapped gifts on Halloween. No one buys you singing cards. When there’s a impending gift-giving holiday, I generally try to make things a bit easier on my sweet husband. I’ve gathered a few things I’ve had my eye on recently—hope you enjoy. If not, here are some thoughts on this lovely holiday:

Ah…Valentine’s Day. A holiday (or pseudo-holiday to some) is so emotionally charged it often borders on ridiculous. So much is invested into a single 24-hour period, which hardly seems fair. So much pressure and build-up just begs to end in disappointment and heartbreak. Should you be fortunate enough to have an obliging, enthusiastic counterpart, well done. If not, I send my electronic condolences. I’ve found that the most advisable (and emotionally cautious) course of action is to expect absolutely nothing, so that anything is joyous and appreciated. Yes, this includes any mental conjuring that involves grand gestures or red flowers. This advice is appropriate not only because there shouldn’t be an official day to love and show affection, but simply to remind that everybody expresses and reacts differently to love. While we shouldn’t be emotionally devastated by a lack of romantic actions; it is also appropriate to remember that every girl likes an occasional surprise flower…especially on the most sacred of female holidays. 

While I’m glad I no longer spend hours daydreaming about possible “cute” scenarios with Jack (they’re now a reality!), it’s always fun to get a little giddy. Since I’ve known my husband a long time, it’s exciting to think back on our previous Valentine’s Days together. There were high school sponsored valentine grams and not-sure-if-we-are-dating nights filled with eating too much candy and nervous hand holding. Not gonna lie, knowing he loves me now and is my perma-Valentine is ten times better.

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