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White picture frame || Neon cardigan || Fan fringe necklace (and here) || Gingham shirt || Silver frame || Pearls

     Hi all! Sorry for the seemingly extensive blogging hiatus! I’ve been quite devoted to some academic pursuits, but I’m now back! It’s been great to start thinking of new topics to post about. As you can probably tell, it’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks! Instead of planning semi-fashionable outfits, I’ve resigned myself to sweats and old t-shirts (previously owned by men much larger than myself), which has been liberating and has brought out my inner slug. Getting dressed to be presentable at work has been such a challenge: I cannot count the times that I’ve asked Jack if these slim fit fleece pants could pass for these meant-to-be-worn-in-public Wayf’s. Time and time again he burst my delusional bubble with his honest hesitation. Woe is me.
     As I force myself to start dressing like a grown up again, let’s hope you’re content with looking at pretty iPhone pictures! The highlights of the week included buying a print for our dog’s room (yup), wearing a lot of neon, seeing Audra live, creating/finishing a Rome scrapbook layout, finally getting to peruse the September issue à la Anna, and redecorating our office! All delightfully fun activities!
On a random note, it’s felt a lot like fall lately, which is amazing. Bring on the cooler weather!

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