Visit: The Getty Villa

Ah, the Getty Villa. If you’ve been, you will completely understand all the exclamations in this post. If you haven’t, you’ll hopefully plan a trip soon! There are countless picturesque and aesthetically perfect architectural gems in L.A. and Pacific Palisades; but how do you compare to a locale that is not only beautiful but also enlightening? If you have any interest in the arts and cultures (and the residual antiquities) of ancient Greece, Rome or Etruria, you’ll be so pleased! It’s truly awe-inspiring. You definitely won’t want to leave. The peristyle alone commands at least 15 minutes of your time. Such a beauty!
If you plan on visiting both the Getty and the Getty Villa, be sure to get your parking validated to take advantage of the “Pay Once, Park Twice” promotion. Parking at each location is $15, but if you visit both sites on the same day, you’ll receive a voucher for complimentary parking at the other location. Great, right? Be sure to ask at the Information Desk!

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