A Conversation with Samantha Barks.

A few months ago, Alina asked me if I wanted to go to a cabaret featuring members of the West End Les Mis cast. Naturally, I agreed since that would include one Carl Mullaney, whom we happen to adore. The show started at 11, so we arrived about 30 minutes prior to get settled in our seats. We listened and watched everyone getting ready when Alina’s co-worker came over and said “Samantha Barks is here.” Whaaaaaaaaat?! Joy. Happiness. Excitement. Intrigue. So many questions raced through my mind. Has she filmed extensively with Eddie yet? Has she died in his arms yet? We realized we absolutely had to interview her. We joked that we should tell her to continually mess up so she’d have to die over and over (and over) in Eddie’s arms. Following the show we quickly made our way over to her and the conversation went something like this…

A: Hi, Samantha! We just wanted to say hi and congratulations on Les Mis. Do you think we could get a photo? 
S: Absolutely!
[I take a picture of A & S. A takes a picture of S & me]
A: So, are you enjoying it? This is your first film, right?
S: Yes, it’s wonderful! [More positive adjectives]
A: We were talking and had some advice for you. We think you should mess up so you’ll have repeated takes…and do the death scene a lot.
R: Yes! So you get to die over and over in Eddie’s arms.
S: OH! I see. I’m appreciating the advice. That’s great!
A: We actually met Eddie–he’s so nice!
S: Yes, he is! He’s so intelligent!
The rest wasn’t really important, but she is delightful and kind and now has expert acting advice :) We sincerely hope she takes it to heart.

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