Party Planning: The Oh Joy Collection for Target

You don’t even want to read this, do you? You just want to stare at these photos longer. Well, you’re not alone. I can’t stop enjoying! I was finally able to visit Target and pick up (almost) one of everything from this spectacular collection. Jack’s birthday is up next and I can’t imagine he’d be okay with this color scheme, so perhaps I’ll just have to have a random celebration! This all-inclusive collection is ideal for outdoor celebrations or indoor spring festivities. There are garlands, goblets, party hats, noise makers and much more! Be sure to take a look at the entire Oh Joy for Target collection—you won’t be disappointed! Happy party planning everyone.
Don’t forget to check out Oh Joy! for fun inspiration and lots of lovely photos!
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The Perfect Holiday Pieces

Faux Fur Bomber || Earrings || Top || Faux Leather Skirt || Chain Clutch || Pumps

If you’re like me, you’re already excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Getting geared up for Thanksgiving makes a bit more sense at this point, but I’m one of those people who listens to Christmas music at the first glimpse of snow on our mountains. Some of my friends (you know who you are) call me a Thanksgiving Hater, but I don’t even mind. If I can squeeze even two extra weeks out of this holiday season, I’m on board! I’ve already done my best to incorporate something sparkly, gold or red in every outfit, which inspired today’s wish list look. In looking for holiday party looks, I tend to stick with black as a base and layer accordingly depending on the dress code of the event. Adding a colorful top or chandelier earrings is usually inexpensive, but can add so much! What’s your favorite part of dressing up for the holidays?

A Night of Mystery

We truly had such a lovely time at a murder mystery party on Saturday night! We were so grateful for the chance to extend Halloween for one more evening. And I mean really, we got to wear fun costumes, eat great food and spend time with some of our favorites. We didn’t have a strict script, so we more or less improved our way through telling clues in our best accents. It was amazing. 
The game was played throughout dinner, which was so entertaining! Everyone did their best to not choke on their food while we giggled our way through the mystery. If you’ve never attended one of these, you should definitely take it upon yourself to put one together. It was truly hilarious! You can buy the party kit here or here.
P.S. Here are a few fun flapper inspired pieces:

A Very Special Birthday

‘Love’ Bracelet || Spiked bracelet || Chevron cuff (gold version here and here)

We recently celebrated the birthday of one of our best friends! We met up with friends at a restaurant downtown – Old Towne Grille – for some catching up and a delicious meal. Only the birthday boy had been there before, but we trusted him! Once our drinks came, we were hooked. It was the most outstanding lemonade! Perfect for the hot summer day. The popular use of the Mason jar fit in quite nicely with the ambiance.
We chatted for about two hours until we were caught up on each other’s lives. After several hugs and laughs, it was time to leave (never my favorite party). We promised to do it again very soon of course! I absolutely loved every minute of seeing these wonderful people.

P.S. Aren’t those bracelets perfect with each other? My friend always has the best jewelry. The adorable ‘Love’ bracelet is my favorite and perfectly priced, but I do have the spiked bracelet and it truly does go with almost anything.You can check out her talented, artistic side here.

Have the most marvelous weekend.