Weekend Moments: The Holiday Weekend

The long holiday weekend was exactly what we needed! We were able to relax and spend a lot of time together. The heat kept us mostly indoors, but we were able to enjoy fireworks that evening. And by enjoy I mean we attempted to keep our pup from having a heart attack. The poor thing was having the most difficult night. She loved watching the fireworks, but the sounds were just too much!
We were extremely spontaneous on Friday and decided to take a mini road trip to Jackson and Yellowstone. We had been trying to think of nearby places that wouldn’t be over 100 degrees and Wyoming seemed perfect. We were able to get some fresh air, see some wildlife up close and check out Jackson. It was so relaxing and lovely. I highly recommend it as a weekend getaway. Have an awesome week!

Explore: London Day Trip

Hey all! I’ve been particularly nostalgic lately and have been missing London tremendously. One of our absolute favorite activities was the Harry Potter studio tour. It was sort of a day trip because we took our time. It’d probably only take half a day if you started early in the day. The popularity of the tour required that we book far in advance for a specific date and time, but it was absolutely worth it! The short train ride and 15 minute bus ride are easy to navigate, which is always helpful!
The tour itself is just what you would imagine: a fantastic visual delight for any Harry Potter aficionado. Everything was colorful, massive and utterly impressive. The highlight? Butterbeer. Obviously, right? It was absolutely delicious.
If you are in London, make the effort to book the tickets online and enjoy this fantastic day out!


Hey everyone! I thought I’d share one of my favorite travel resources today. Jetsetter is a members-only travel community that shares insider tips and deals–daily! It’s truly fantastic. They have very high standards for the hotels they promote, which sets your mind at ease, right?! The website is extremely easy to navigate and understand and unlike most travel sites, you don’t feel like you need a lawyer and a magnifying glass to ensure a quality experience. The prices are plainly stated and you know exactly what you’re getting. 
The site has daily deals that are completely exclusive to Jetsetter, so you can be sure you’re getting an amazing price. It’s basically just members-only pricing on a select number of deals. The sales are usually 40% off! This is definitely my new favorite vacation planning tool. Give it a try–you might end up visiting some place you never thought you would…
My favorite right now? The Paris in the Springtime feature. Because Paris truly is the best in the spring.
If you want to join Jetsetter, click here!
Images from Jetsetter.com

A Weekend Away…


This weekend was so much fun! I bought tickets to the Angels-Yankees game about five weeks ago and was excited to give them to my husband for his birthday next week. I was absolutely positive that the tickets were for June 21, but apparently they were for June 14! After some frantic shuffling, we got on a flight the same day I realized my ridiculous mistake. 
The weekend turned out wonderfully! We spent time at the beach, Fashion Island and went to L.A. for a day. The game itself was really fun! Husband bought me ice cream for making it the entire time. Bonus! 
I wish we could be on vacation indefinitely. I guess it wouldn’t be a vacation then thought, right? Sigh.