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Hello! This past weekend was honestly one of the best I’ve had in quite some time. My husband made Valentine’s Day extremely fun and special and we were able to spend the night at The Grand America. It’s one of our favorite places because it’s just so relaxing. Seriously. All amenities are available and it’s wonderful to not have to worry about your room being uncomfortable or weird or smelly (ha).

We headed up in the late afternoon, checked in and watched some basketball game (I genuinely have no idea what it was). It was Jack’s absolute dream come true, so we just hung out until we headed to dinner. Downtown was a bit chilly, but there were so many people dressed in their best—it was fun to see!

The weekend was made perfect by the arrival of my best friend’s baby. I love her sooo much already and can’t get over how entirely perfect she is. I’m trying really hard to not just show up every day at my friend’s house. Check it out—isn’t she adorable?! I hope you had a perfect, love-filled weekend too!

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