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 Uh…how is basically the end of January already? Christmas was a month ago. Think about that for a moment. So weird! January is simultaneously a catch-up month and a decompress month all wrapped up into one gray, frigid package. You have stuff at work that got shuffled around thanks to the holidays, but you are also still recovering from bags of chocolate and cookies (or is that just me?). It’s a confusing time. My favorite thing about January? It’s basically prep-for-Valentine’s-Day month! I’ve been purchasing little necessities here and there and we even have our date night planned! I found this skirt over at Nordstrom the other day and I was smitten. Seriously, check out the backside. In love yet? Well, it’s the perfect color that acknowledges the holiday without looking too over the top. I love how the accessories tie everything together effortlessly.

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