The Nordstrom Clearance Sale

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Hi all! First of all, have you noticed that you can click directly on the images? This feature makes me so unbelievably happy. Okay, continuing on! I’m so very excited to share my favorites from this year’s Nordstrom Clearance Sale! It seems like I was just barely perusing the last sale, doesn’t it? I guess that’s one of the great things about the fashion industry—there are always new items and new markdowns. I’ve honestly been hoping that a few of these things would go on sale (um, hello perfect booties) and I was pleasantly surprised this morning. My favorite part of this sale? Some of the items from the Anniversary Sale are marked down even further. Great news, no?

I spent a few hours (yup, literally) sorting through this marvelous sale and am happy to present my top picks! The majority of these would be perfect birthday, anniversary or even Christmas gifts—it’s really not that far away…and while we’re talking about gifts, be sure to check out the sale to see the men’s, children’s and home items!

Nothing catching your eye up top? Here are a few of my other faves! Be sure to hover over the image to post the image to a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest wish list! My favorite? The Burberry jacket for under $400!!

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