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Purse | Sunglasses | Moisture Surge | Earrings | Blue Bag | Midi Skirt | MAC set | Black Bag

 Brown Booties | Jeans | Clarisonic | Black Boots | Two-tone Clutch | Running Shoes | Enzo Pumps

Today’s the day friends! The Anniversary Sale opens to the public today! Be sure to shop early. Lots of items are limited quantities, so be sure to get your favorites early! I’ve compiled a few more of my must-haves this year. I debated quite a bit about the Moisture Surge, but finally realized that it’s a truly outstanding deal. It’s the perfect moisturizer. Seriously. The smaller size generally sells for $50 and this is nearly twice the size. It’s perfect for everyday use and doesn’t feel heavy or pore-clogging (plus, it’s pink and that’s awesome).

Can we discuss the Danielle Nicole bag for just a minute? I am on the fence about that beauty. The price is amazing, but my trypophobia is saying, “NO.” If you don’t have an aversion to small holes, it’s an epic deal. I’ll probably get it anyway because…well, have you seen it?!

My current fave? The Rebecca Minkoffs. There are four different colors on sale and they are the most convenient. The discount is certainly tempting, but the size is definitely the selling point. I wear mine to concerts, Disneyland or date night (assuming he’s paying—kidding)!

Don’t see anything you like? You can shop the entire sale here!





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