Disney Day



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Ah, Disneyland. It honestly never gets old for us! It was truly a magical day and we loved exploring the parks together. We try to do something we’ve never done before and this time, we watched the exclusive preview of Malificent! It made me sooo much more excited for the movie! I’ve been having some issues with vertigo lately, so my protective husband pretended that he didn’t even want to ride Screamin’—his favorite ride. I was so impressed with his concern! What a perfectly swell guy.

We throw all nutritional goals out the window when we go to Disneyland. There’s no way to restrict yourself (okay, it’s possible, but not for us—haha) while in the park. We hardly eat meals because we love eating all of our favorite snacks! We ended the day watching Fantasmic and riding Splash Mountain one more time! We left the park completely soaked and were shivering all the way to the hotel. A perfectly suitable way to end a marvelous day!



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