“Florals? For spring. Groundbreaking.”

One of my all-time favorite movies is also one that my husband can’t seem to sit through. He is an absolute champ when it comes to chick flicks and generally doesn’t complain, but I think he’d rather see the Red Sox win than watch Anne Hathaway make her chic transformation in The Devil Wears Prada. Although I’m not the biggest Hathaway fan, I am a loyal fan of Stanley Tucci and of course, all things Meryl. Her performance in this movie is inspiring. Truly. Who would have thought that it was possible to make workplace hierarchies and demeaning behaviors hilarious? Having recently received a piercing gaze from the real life Miranda Priestly, I can honestly prescribe the following: if you’re ever in a London bathroom alone with Anna Wintour, it’s best to not make eye contact with the iconic, sunglass wearing figure before you. Because although her British sense of propriety and decorum insist that she return the polite facial gesture, you’ll still feel massively intimated and horrifically underdressed. With that, enjoy these magnificent spring-inspired picks! I’m sure Anna would approve of at least one of them. Happy Friday.


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