Weekend Digest: A Surprise Sleepover

Happy Monday everyone! I honestly can’t believe I’m back at work already—disappointing. The weekends go by so quickly. That’s probably the most cliche thing I’ve ever written, but it’s absolutely true. The level of fun this weekend partially made up for having to work for another five days…

Friday evening was probably our best Valentine’s Day celebration so far! We headed up to Salt Lake for dinner at Settebello then checked into the Grand America. Rather than join the majority of the guests in the lounge, we were truly posh and explored the ballrooms and leaped and waltzed around like school children. There’s nothing more entertaining than dancing the Landler scene like Captain von Trapp and Maria in the Regency-inspired ballroom. After a few pirouettes and jetes (and sideways glances by the hotel cleaning staff), we decided it was time to watch Olympics and eat mounds of mint truffles. I couldn’t have asked for anything better from my sweet valentine. I’m so happy we were able to laugh, gain five pounds and just enjoy the time together.


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