Weekend Digest: The Vegas Fun Fest

Welcome back from the weekend! I hope it was marvelous. We had another jam-packed weekend, which led to Monday exhaustion. It was surely worth it though!
We left work a bit early on Friday for appointments, then we headed out to Vegas immediately after. Our friends were celebrating a birthday and we were excited to join the surprise. Once we arrived, we drove straight to Grimaldi’s for our favorite pepperoni and mushroom pizza. It definitely starts the weekend out right. Yum.
Saturday morning was spent at the Cafe Bellagio for one of my favorite breakfasts: buttermilk pancakes. They are truly spectacular. Fluffy and dusted with powdered sugar. If you hate pancakes, try the egg white lobster omelet. Fantastic.
The rest of our time was spent shopping and making a stop at a driving range for my patient husband. It was his only request and after six hours of mall time, it was the least I could do, right? I hit a few, but mostly took pictures of palm trees, the moon and myself. It made the experience much more fun!
After all that, we were so happy to return home to our favorite dog! She was so excited to see us! I was a bit more excited :)

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