Disney Day: Part 2

I had to extend our Disney visit over two posts because there was just too many cute pictures to share. This day was absolutely amazing, but so exhausting! I nearly cried leaving the park because it hurt so much to walk! Does that mean I’m too old for Disneyland?! While we definitely had our tired moments, it was nothing that couldn’t be cured with a massive turkey leg or Dole Whip. We consider ourselves to be Disney veterans, yet we were consistently amazed by all the new things we discovered. Exploring the little details of the park was inadvertent and simultaneously wonderful. Discussing the detailed facades, the identities of the decor designers and the grams of sugar in a churro helped pass the minutes of waiting in the winding lines.
At the end of the day – in spite of aching feet and tired limbs – the beautiful fireworks and subsequent faux snow made for some pretty magical memories. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous family vacation!

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