Life Lately

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you are having a marvelous day so far. This weekend was one of the funnest we’ve had in quite some time! There were plenty of festive (and frightful) Halloween activities and a lot of delicious food. Friday was date night and we meandered up to Settebello for our favorite things. We are truly never disappointed! The focaccia is a dream. Truly. We completed the night by visiting our favorite stores at City Creek. It was such a relaxing couple hours. 
Saturday was for celebrating! My favorite adventure friend loves her birthday and she always has some fun idea in mind. She decided she wanted to do something haunted, so we went to an outdoor haunted house. The lines were insane, but we enjoyed the entire experience. I decided to wear a pirate costume simply because I could. Why not? My faux hook proved to be a massive confidence booster along the way; but I had to let others hold it occasionally because I was quite certain that I would eventually strike an advancing ghoul or beast and would therefore be unwittingly wrapped up in some sort of litigation process. No bueno. Three (yup, we got our money’s worth) hours later, we were screaming through the exit as we were chased by a chainsaw wielding teen actor. A good night if you ask me!


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