Our life has been pretty busy this week (what else is new, right?)! We have done the usual work things, family fun, and celebrated the birthday of a favorite friend. Everything of course was accented by the antics of Bella the dog and trips to the grocery store. 
Several of our friends met up for dinner at Old Towne Grill, which was surprisingly delicious! You wouldn’t expect a restaurant that shares its space with a Provo club to be outstanding, but it was delicious. The lemonade was particularly tasty. We all ordered glasses of the chilled concoction and they were delivered in oversized Mason jars. Awesome. 
We were able to witness some pretty great sunsets this week–Utah is great for that! I really don’t want summer to end.
Lastly, we enjoyed the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (yes, I’m obsessed with this awesome sale) and bought a few things and dreamed about others. It’s so hard to justify some purchases. Blah.
Oh and P.S. I found the cutest new background for my phone that is the perfect mixture of inspirational and creative. Caytlyn, the designer, is also the cutest and super talented. Grab the background and check out her blog here.
 I hope your days have been filled with fun and summer things! 

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