Weekend Moments: Summertime at Its Best

Happy Monday! I hope you had the most marvelous weekend. We had a relatively easygoing couple of days accented by a few noteworthy events. We (of course) did the usual mundane, adultish activities: Friday night Target trips, deciding on new lamp shades and bill paying. These seemingly boring activities all eventually turned entertaining…we were near tears from reading greeting cards in Target and deciding on which lamp shade made the best hat. Living with your best friend is fun. 
We also had a wedding to attend this weekend, which was lovely. Any excuse to get dressed up, right? Other than that, we took our dog child to a local petting zoo (not a great idea by the way), ate delicious summer foods & treats, and bought some cleverly designed notebooks on one of our Target trips. I truly love their stationery section! I would highly recommend checking it out.
Have a wonderful week! And in the words of Ellen, “Be kind to one another!”

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