Destinations: Two-Day Paris Itinerary

Day One: I have started every trip to Paris the exact same way: at the Louvre. It’s the quintessential Parisian experience and it easily gets you in the mood for all things Paris! A walk through the Tuileries Garden is essential. A public park following the French Revolution, this immaculate promenade is always populated with various birds, squirrels and the obvious tourist. It’s the perfect photo backdrop and it’s so unbelievably peaceful. I highly recommend pulling up a chair next to the centrally located pond and people watch for several minutes! 
Halfway through the gardens, take Allée de Castiglione toward Rue de Rivoli. Resist the dozens of tourist shops filled with “I heart Paris” tees & Chinese-made Eiffel Tower statues and follow Rue de Castiglione to Place Vendôme. I absolutely love this spot. Maybe it has something to do with the Chanel boutique? 
Continue in the same direction along Rue de la Paix until you reach the next big intersection. A quick glance to the right spots the impressive and historic Opera House. Take the tour. Really. Hopefully, there isn’t a rehearsal going in because the theater is obviously the most impressive portion. 
Following the tour, a cab ride up Champs-Élysées is extremely fun. A fun idea? Go around the Arc de Triomphe roundabout before getting dropped off for some fun shopping!
Tip: Find a Lenôtre (there’s one down Avenue Victor Hugo)–you won’t regret it.
Day Two: If it’s your first trip to Paris, this may not be the day you’d pick, but it was highly enjoyable! Paris Disney. Awesome. Best invention. 
We took the RER A directly to the park (Get on the RER A , heading towards Marne-la-Vallée Chessy, and get off at Marne-la-Vallée Chessy) and it was extremely quick! 
After our fun-filled Mickey day, we spent the evening under the Eiffel. After it got dark, we snapped a few photos then made our way (on the Metro) to the Arc de Triomphe. Thanks to the concessions price, we paid only a few euros to take the stairs to the top. The view is well worth the price and you’ll get to see just how expansive the City of Light truly is.

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