Golden Globes

Ahh award season. It started out in the most fun way with the People’s Choice Awards and now we are gradually progressing toward the ever prestigious (and substantially more serious) Academy Awards. Snuggled somewhere in between these two are the Golden Globes. A night traditionally hosted by the year’s current funny “it” person that is somehow allowed to mock and disrespect Hollywood’s elite. This year was noticeably less crude and impolite sans Ricky Gervais. Thanks to two of the most hilarious humans in show business, it was a pretty enjoyable evening. Highlights? Read on, dear friends.

Only the coolest couple + nearly coolest small human. Everyone should love them. And her dress! She looked better than most.

These two. Clever. Witty. Hilarious. 

Have you heard her acceptance speech? Find it. Watch it. 
The time these two stole the show. How does one become this entertaining?
The time Adele not only beat Taylor Swift, but then high-fived James Bond. Win!
The less-than-pleased T-Swift following her loss to a truly talented musician. Here’s to hoping looks can’t actually kill.
And finally, just a minor complaint: WHEN WILL LEONARDO DICAPRIO WIN SOMETHING?! The man should be recognized more often.

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